The 7 best iPhone video editing apps for YouTube

Gone are the days when you had to invest thousands of dollars into camera equipment to start vlogging or creating videos for social media. Now all you really need is a phone and a decent editing app to start vlogging like a pro. 

Here are the best editing apps for YouTube vlogging 

YouTube video editor apps make it easy to create great vlogs and YouTube videos without the fancy equipment, but which ones should you choose for your next project? The ideal vlog editor for you will depend on the scope of your video, but the following 7 are affordable and easy to use — perfect for most YouTube videos or vlogs.

  1. Quik
  2. LumaFusion
  3. Magisto
  4. VivaVideo
  5. iMovie
  6. Vlogit
  7. YouTube Studio 

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Quik: A five-star vlog editor

Quik is currently available on the App Store for iOS devices, and so far, it’s received more than 200,000 reviews with a five-star average. Users love Quik because it’s so intuitive. It allows you to add up to 200 photos or video clips from your Photo Library or GoPro Plus, and it lets you choose from 26 different themes for your video. 

If you’re shooting with a GoPro, Quik chooses special moments from your collection based on steady footage as well as faces, smiles, applause, and other cues. The GoPro Quik app is not a dedicated vlog editor, but it is a great tool to have in your editing arsenal. 

Quik on the App Store

LumaFusion: The best video editor for YouTube professionals

LumaFusion is a powerful video editing app with a beautiful user interface and lots of great features. With LumaFusion, you can create full-length videos with different frame rates and aspect ratios, find royalty-free music and sound effects, and add everything to a unique editing timeline with 12 video/audio tracks so that you can easily layer your footage. 

In addition, LumaFusion includes a variety of transitions, filters, and effects so that you can customize every part of your video. The LumaFusion app isn’t free, but the premium features are worth the $29.99 price tag. 

LumaFusion on the App Store

Magisto: A drag-and-drop YouTube video editor app

Like Quik, Magisto uses artificial intelligence to find the best parts of your video footage. The interface allows you to seamlessly drag and drop video clips and photos into your movie, choose custom themes to match your project, and add music. 

Magisto is great for creating snappy videos for your YouTube audience, but it also excels at how-to videos, vlogs, and training videos. The basic version of the app is free, but much of the premium content is only accessible with a Magisto professional plan, which starts at $4.99 per month.

Magisto on the App Store

VivaVideo: A powerful free video editing app for YouTube

Viva Video features simple yet powerful editing tools that will turn you into a professional YouTube vlogger in no time. Trim your video, crop it, merge photos and videos, create video and photo collages, add your own music, and choose from hundreds of special effects, filters, and animated clips. The free version of VivaVideo offers lots of options to make your video stand out, but if you want more, the VIP membership starts at $4.49 per month. 

VivaVideo on the App Store

iMovie: The native iPhone video maker

Have you been neglecting iMovie because it came free with your iPhone? Believe it or not, iMovie includes a lot of premium features that you don't even have to pay for. The app is incredibly user-friendly, supports 4K video, and allows you to upload directly to YouTube. 

iMovie’s unique features include slow motion, fast forward, green screen, soundtracks, and Apple themes. You can create sound layers that support a soundtrack, sound effects, and voiceovers. If you are new to vlogging on YouTube, iMovie is a great place to start.

iMovie on the App Store

Vlogit: A video editor with thumbnail designs for YouTube

Vlogit is a free vlog editing app with some great features and no watermark. As many YouTubers know, enticing your target audience to click on your videos is the first hurdle to gaining followers and traffic. Vlogit features eye-catching thumbnail designs for your videos so you can attract more viewers on YouTube. 

Other features include the ability to import videos from your social platforms like Facebook and Instagram, custom openers for seamless intros into your videos, and professional clip editing tools and speed controls. Vlogit is a fun tool for video creators and is very easy to learn and use. 

Vlogit on the App Store

YouTube Studio: Manage your YouTube channel from your iPhone

While not exactly a YouTube editing app, YouTube Studio is the best app for managing your growing vlog on YouTube. Use it to check your analytics, respond to comments, update your video details, and manage your account. YouTube Studio is a must for all vloggers who are trying to grow their audience on YouTube.

YouTube Studio on the App Store

Editing apps for YouTube will allow you to shoot and edit from anywhere — all you need is your phone and a whole lot of creativity. 

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