Good vs Bad: How to choose the right app for your Mac

We all love apps. But there are applications that work incorrectly, cause instability and generally should not be promoted in any way. We know that, because users often report our Customer Support about such apps and we are interested in making CleanMyMac safer and more cautious in cleaning third-party programs.

However, nobody likes to waste money on malware and useless apps, so here is a short guide on how to choose applications right.

1. Read professional reviews

Professional reviews are important too, since they offer critical and unbiased analysis of the app. But be aware of fake reviews. In most cases developers create Reviews Pages to collect the reviews from popular and trusted resources. We have such page too.

Most popular Mac review resources:

  1. MacWorld Reviews
  2. — Mac Section

2. Look for users’ comments

First of all, check the comments of people who have already used the particular app. Well-done applications often have many positive reviews in the App Store. They alone can help define whether the app worth its money or not. For apps that are absent in the App Store look for reviews and ratings on the Internet - search trusted forums, sites like and social networks.

Again, avoid suspicious sites, such as ones that advertise only one app or have app reviews that are too vivid or not relevant to other content.

Consider next resources when looking for users’ reviews:

  1. Apple Discussion Forums
  2. MacRumors Forums
  3. Mac Forums
  4. CNet Forums
  5. Twitter Search

3. Take a look at the developer’s site

Developers who just want to get some money easily think that a working app is all they need and don’t pay attention to a website and its promotion. Well-designed and easy-to-use site is another reason to be sure the app is of high quality.

4. Maintenance and Support

If the new versions of the app are being released regularly enough and you can easily find the way to contact the developer, it usually shows that the developer is eager to continue improving his product and address any possible issues that may arise when using his app.

We hope this list will help you make a right choice when you will be looking for new apps to buy and install on your Mac!

Good luck!

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