How to fix “This item is temporarily unavailable...” error on Mac

It can be frustrating on a Mac when downloading a new operating system to get the following message: “this item is temporarily unavailable.” It means that you’ve just spent a while downloading it, and now the computer tells you to try again later, as the message indicates. Although this can happen when downloading new native macOS apps, this error usually occurs when people try to download a new macOS. 

So if you’ve encountered this error: “This Item Is Temporarily Unavailable. Please Try Again Later”, here is an article on how to solve this problem. 

How to fix “This Item Is Temporarily Unavailable...” error

It might sound like a time-consuming and stress-inducing nightmare, but don’t worry. There are solutions for this error that are pretty quick to test and implement, so you should be able to get on with your day even after encountering this annoying error. 

Here are a few ways you can restore your Mac to working order: 

1. Make sure the Apple ID is correct 

People encounter this error only after inputting their Apple ID. 

So if, for example, a new Mac OS X or macOS is being installed on a device where a different Apple ID was used for the previous download, then it won’t register that Apple ID as the wrong one is being used. Check and make sure which one was used initially, and then enter the correct/previous details. After that, the download should work as planned. 

2. Clean outdated system junk

Another solution is to clear out unwanted and unnecessary system junk and clutter. This may include but is not limited to useless files & folders, browsers, cache data and cookies, duplicate videos and images, apps you’ve not used in years, and a whole pile of associated mess. 

Over the years, most Macs start to slow down and lack memory. But you need that memory and processing power to download, install, and run a new operating system. 

A quick, safe, and effective way to clear out what you don’t need is to download CleanMyMac X

Smart scan

  1. Download CleanMyMac X (free download, here).
  2. Run a Smart Scan (or choose from a bunch of other valuable tools and features).
  3. Now click to delete the junk to ensure your Mac is running as good as new. 
  4. Go back to the Install window to complete the installation of a new macOS. 

3. Set up the correct date and time 

Firstly, check the date and time in the top menu -ensure that it works as it should.

If that is showing the correct date and time, go into Terminal to verify: 

  1. Open Terminal in Utilities (or search for it using Spotlight). 
  2. Enter the date and time using the “date” command string.
  3. Enter this the following way: month, date, time, year, and do this without spaces or commas. For example, 5 June 2019 at 12:50 is (and this is how you enter it into Terminal): date 060512502019
  4. Close Terminal and enter your Apple ID again to attempt to resume the download and installation of a new macOS. 

4. Check if Apple ID is signed in

Without an Apple ID connected to Mac, you can’t download and install a new macOS. 

To solve this problem, you either need to go to and create a login, or log in on the website on Mac. Or you can go to the Mac App Store and create an account or log in via an Apple ID to ensure the device is connected. 

Now go back to the installation screen to complete the download. It should be a success! 

5. Check your Mac for malware 

Something else that could be preventing a successful download is malware or another virus that has corrupted software or hardware on the Mac device. Here is one way to scan for viruses that even most antivirus software misses: 

  1. Download CleanMyMac X — here is a link to the free version
  2. Run the Malware removal feature.
  3. Click to delete anything harmful. 
  4. Go back to the Install window to complete the installation of a new macOS.
Malware removal module of CleanMyMacX

In both cases, system junk and potential infections can prevent a successful download and installation of a new operating system. With CleanMyMac X, you can solve both problems — and numerous others - and make sure that your Mac is running smoothly for months and years in the future.

Laptop with CleanMyMac
CleanMyMac X

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