Is Netflix blocking VPNs? Here’s what to do

So, you signed up for a random VPN for Netflix, launched Netflix, and hit play. Instead of streaming your favorite movie, you got an error screen stating that something’s gone wrong. It prompted you to ask: “Is Netflix blocking VPN? Is there no way to get around the Netflix VPN block?

It’s a well-known fact that Netflix US is actively engaging VPN providers in a game of tug-of-war. Has Netflix finally gained the upper hand in restricting access from VPN users? Can Netflix ban you for using a VPN?

Before you give up in frustration, read on and find out the truth behind why Netflix is blocking VPN users and how to still watch Netflix with VPN.

Why Does Netflix Have Georestrictions?

You may have realized that Netflix has a separate content library for every country it operates in. The US used to have the largest collection of TV shows and movie titles, but recent statistics show Ireland taking the top spot. According to Statista, Ireland boasts 6,379 titles followed by Malaysia in a close second.

While the ranking may fluctuate as more content is added or removed from a country, the fact remains that subscribers are limited to TV shows and movies to the country they’re physically located. Netflix zealously enforces a geo-restrictive blockage for its content library.

But why?

Well, the reason boils down to licensing rights. Netflix does not own most of the content that it streams. Some TV shows or movies may already be licensed to a different broadcaster or streaming platform in a particular country. In such cases, Netflix has no legal right to offer the same content to local subscribers.

Therefore, Netflix created individual libraries with unique content for different countries. If you’re in Japan, you can only access TV shows and movies available to subscribers in Japan. Netflix detects the incoming IP address and directs the users to the local library. You can’t access Netflix US unless you’re using a Netflix proxy bypass or a VPN.

Can Netflix Ban You for Using a VPN?

For years, users resorted to using a VPN to bypass Netflix’s geo-restriction block. The move has triggered an incessant battle between Netflix and VPN providers. While Netflix seemed to gain the upper hand against most VPNs, some still managed to slip through Netflix’s blockage.

Frustrated by the continuous slip-throughs, Netflix has since upped its ante against VPN users. There are rumors that users could be banned by Netflix if caught accessing its libraries with a VPN.

But how much truth does the rumor carry?

As far as we’re concerned, there’s no substantial evidence that VPN users will suffer a Netflix ban. Despite that, you’ll be unable to stream any content if you’re using a Netflix-blocked VPN. If Netflix figures out that you’re using a VPN, you’ll get the familiar screen stating that: ‘Something has gone wrong...’

The solution is pretty simple. Disconnect the VPN and you’ll be able to access Netflix again, although only to the local library.

So, it’s perfectly acceptable to use a VPN for Netflix and try to get around the Netflix VPN block without fear of having your account deactivated.

Has Netflix Clamped Down on VPN Users?

While Netflix isn’t into blacklisting VPN users yet, it’s undeniable that it has stepped up efforts to curb access from VPNs.

If you’re still wondering why does Netflix blocked VPN, we’ve given a thorough explanation above. Netflix needs to stay steadfast in its licensing obligation in the respective countries, or risk legal fallouts with the affected parties.

Therefore, Netflix blocking VPN from its libraries only seems natural. If anything, Netflix is stepping its gears against VPNs that resort to using residential IP addresses to slip through the former’s IP blockage. Netflix targets the residential IP addresses and stops them from accessing its content.

Apparently, Netflix has found a triumphant strategy, but not without its toll. Some subscribers accessing Netflix without a VPN have complained that they’re getting limited access to content. For example, they can only access Netflix's original content as their IP addresses have been mistakenly blacklisted by Netflix.

Beyond these occasional hiccups, Netflix’s clampdown is more prevalent than ever, particularly for its US library. We’ve found that most people are unable to access Netflix US despite being connected to a US VPN server. Instead, they are redirected to the local library.

Netflix Libraries That Can Still Be Accessed Using a VPN

At the moment of writing, it’s conclusive that Netflix blocked VPN from accessing its US library. Still, not all hope is lost as you can still access Netflix libraries in other countries with a VPN.

Here are a few that boast TV shows and movies that rival those available in the US.

Netflix UK

The UK library offers comedies like I’m Alan Partridge, Fawlty Towers, and Spaced to tickle your funny bones. Some US-exclusive titles like American Graffiti are also available on Netflix UK.

Netflix Japan

If you’re an anime fan, you’ll want to stream from Netflix Japan. Being the home country of popular anime, expect titles like Gin Tama, Rashomon, and The Promised Neverland on its library.

Netflix Canada

With more than 6,000 titles to choose from, you’ll be spoiled for choice with the Canadian Netflix library. Classics like The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly are only available on Netflix Canada.

Netflix Australia

Netflix Australia has a balance of thriller, horror, and hilarious comedy in its vast library. Take your pick from titles like Doctor Sleep, American Gangster, and The Big Lebowski.

Netflix France

Wondering which titles appeal to the French? Connect to a VPN server in France and access highly-acclaimed films like The 400 Blows and Black Cat, White Cat.

How to Get Around Netflix Blocks — Use ClearVPN

Don’t ban Netflix just because it has blocked access to its US library. There are still worthwhile TV shows and films in other countries that are still accessible with a VPN. In order to gain access, you need to learn how to use VPN on Netflix.

Of course, not all VPN make the cut as most fail to get past Netflix’s strong geo-restrictive blockage. You’ll need a VPN for Netflix that successfully unblocks content in the UK, Canada, Australia, and other countries.

ClearVPN is your best bet to stream Netflix in foreign countries. It stays ahead of Netflix by masking your IP address and cloaking your connection with cutting-edge technologies. Besides that, ClearVPN automatically personalizes your connection for Netflix when you choose ‘Stream Content Securely’ from the shortcut.

Using ClearVPN puts an end to blocked Netflix issues. You’ll have unobstructed access to high-speed streaming from a Netflix library of your choice. Additionally. ClearVPN offers the Ultimate streaming guide (updated monthly) to help you find the hottest new movies and shows on Netflix! 

With servers in the UK, Canada, Australia, France, and other major nations, you can easily access Netflix and stream from each of its unique libraries.

How to Use ClearVPN

ClearVPN is built to ensure minimum fuss when setting up a VPN connection. Here’s how to use ClearVPN for streaming Netflix content.

  1. Download and install ClearVPN.
  2. Launch the ClearVPN app and sign in.
  3. Select the Watch other countries' Netflix shortcut.
  4. Choose a country where you want to access the Netflix library and activate the shortcut.
  5. Proceed to the Netflix website and app.

You now have access to Netflix content exclusive to the country you’ve chosen with your active Netflix subscription.

Let’s Wrap it Up

You can’t change Netflix blocking VPN users from its US library. Nor the fact that most VPNs are no longer successful in unblocking Netflix content. However, ClearVPN can still grant you access to many other non-US Netflix libraries.

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