Why you need a VPN for traveling

Private browsing and online protection are things any traveler should care about. Otherwise, your sensitive data, online banking data, search history are vulnerable, and even your identity can be exposed or stolen. Travel VPN is necessary to be protected against various risks and take advantage of its features. The only thing you should keep in mind is that you need a trusted service with high-level encryption, a zero logs policy, and a kill chain. Try ClearVPN at and see how to protect your online activities and stay anonymous. It’s simple yet powerful.

Unsecured public Wi-Fi networks — why you should care about this

Compromised Wi-Fi connection 

Not really. But the problem is that permanent internet access is something we strive for. An average traveler needs to use the internet daily. You’ll agree that it’s a pretty common thing to use public Wi-Fi hotspots during your travels. Usually, such networks aren’t secure at all, but you can forget about it and start using the internet as if you were at home.

Reasons for using Wi-Fi hotspots

  • No roaming coverage abroad
  • Your mobile internet is too expensive, or you’re out of money
  • They are practically everywhere (airport, coffee shops, public parks, hotels, tourist attractions)

How to get protected on the Wi-Fi hotspot?

Neither firewall nor antivirus software can be useful. Travel VPN is your solution. You're protected because your IP address is hidden, all your data is encrypted. A VPN will reroute your data through one of its secure and protected servers using high-level encryption. Hackers can’t see/track your actions online, access your personal information, banking details, private emails. VPN will help you to stay invisible on any public network. Don’t let hackers access your confidential information!

How can you benefit from a VPN for travel?

Safety and security

    As users spend many hours online for different reasons, they need to take care of security, especially in the pandemic period in 2022. Since we are used to staying in touch with our family/friends, we wish to have the same thing abroad. Travelers need internet access for different reasons (online banking, entertainment, social media, streaming, etc.). Use a travel VPN to be sure about your online security while traveling. VPN is a perfect tool to ensure your privacy and protect your sensitive information from hackers. Your connections will be safe and free from surveillance. Feel free to use online banking services as often as you need!

    Access geographically restricted websites.

      People love their favorite sites/online services and wish to enjoy them abroad. As soon as you leave your country, accessing some services/platforms, like streaming, watching videos, movies, and shows is impossible. Unless you use a decent VPN, it will change your location, and thus you’ll bypass geo-blocking using VPN for travel. ClearVPN makes accessing your favorite websites super easy because of its intuitive interface and helpful shortcuts.

      Hide your real location

        Any hardware has its unique physical address (IP); it has a link to your real location. It’s great to browse anonymously online and leave the least possible digital footprints on the web. Private and untraceable browsing is crucial when you go abroad. VPN for traveling is a great solution to many privacy/security concerns. Your confidential data, websites visited, and online activities are safe and protected with advanced features while granting anonymous internet access. VPN will protect your digital habits and behavior patterns from being analyzed. To mask your IP address, tap here.

        Avoid surveillance and censorship

          Tracking users’ online activities is a great business. The situation is getting worse in 6.2 2021 when users’ data is wanted badly as an asset to sell to third parties. Surely you don’t want your information to be tracked/analyzed. Certain governments spread censorship to online news resources, social media websites (Facebook, Twitter), video hosting platforms (YouTube). VPN will essential as it's the only trustworthy service. ClearVPN will connect you to its reliable and protected servers worldwide to help you stay private and block anyone from tracking you.

          Get better deals

            Saving money is one of our worries, as we care about every extra dollar spent. Using a VPN for travel, you can save a fair amount of money. You’ll get the best possible price for your trip, including air tickets, hotels, and car rentals. Use a VPN to buy tickets up to 20% cheaper. Booking services offer different search results. It depends on your origin country. When using a VPN, it looks like you are browsing from somewhere else. Booking from the destination place will give you the best price. There’s no doubt, having a good travel VPN is absolutely worth it, especially if you travel frequently.

            To protect all user’s gadgets.

              Any person might need several devices during traveling, a smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc. Since we are aware that traveling is associated both with pleasure and certain risks, it’s strongly recommended to think about safety before traveling. Use ClearVPN to connect all your gadgets (up to 6) in the secure private network. It is crucial to protect all of your devices equally. Your data isn’t vulnerable anymore because it’s secure in the encrypted tunnel. You can enjoy anonymous browsing because your IP address is hidden. Multiple protection is a great feature for your benefit. Here's an easy way to secure your online journey while you're on your physical trip:

              1. Install ClearVPN on your device (we use macOS as an example in the picture below)
              2. Open the app and activate Browse Privately and Securely shortcut.
              3. That’s it! Your online journey is protected and private.


              There’s a number of reasons for you to use a VPN service. Considering all kinds of its advantages, always keep travel VPN in your must-have list and set it up in advance according to your needs. It will protect all of your devices (up to 6) securely from surveillance, hackers on public Wi-Fi. As VPN masks your real location, you get multiple advantages (better price offers, access the desired content, stay anonymous online with your data securely encrypted. Also, this tool is absolutely legal since VPN is allowed in most countries.
              And lastly, wherever you go, you can use ClearVPN. It’s the best VPN for traveling abroad. Enjoy your travels and stay safe!

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