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About us

We are a growing team of developers, designers and IT-professionals who love what they do. If you are as passionate about making good products, we’ll be thrilled to have you on board. Check out below to see if we’re hiring someone who sounds like you.

We value happiness and satisfaction above all, so we try our best to enjoy full comfort at work. You’ll have no fixed hours or task overloads here. Creativity, inspiration, solidarity — that’s what MacPaw is about.

MacPaw Office

We’re constantly hiring! If you’re talented and excited about building cool products, drop us a line.

Customer Support Specialist ▸

We are looking for an active person whose personal philosophy is to help people. You'll be in charge of all the software and web improvements that are needed to make our customers happy, acting as a link between them and the developers. If you love assisting clients, and want to help everyone under the sun – we need you on our team!

IT Recruiter ▸

We are looking for an IT Recruiter with exceptional enthusiasm about what they do and strong desire to grow in the field. This is a good chance to learn how a product company operates and see your ideas for improvement come to life.

You will work in a friendly, inspiring, and rewarding atmosphere. The tasks are quite challenging, so be ready to work hard. But no worries, there is always a team to help you!

Mac Software Engineer for Setapp ▸

We are looking for a talented developer who lives and breathes the Mac. You will join the team of our newest product — Setapp.

Setapp is our new ambitious idea — a service which lets the user get unlimited access to the library of applications right on their Mac. For a subscription fee, it gives you the opportunity to use all these quality apps you've always wanted to try out — without the need to buy and install each app individually.
Here you can read more.

Web Designer ▸

We are looking for a talented designer to join the marketing team of our latest product – Setapp. 

You will be responsible for creating marketing e-mails and content pieces for Setapp website. Expect total immersion in the world of marketing, prototyping, building and testing, as well as working side-by-side with a product designer to create a consistent user journey from the first e-mail to a loyal engaged user.

We need a self-organized person with usability, interfaces, and conversion in mind. Sensible perfectionism is highly appreciated.

Business Developer for Setapp ▸

We are looking for a Business Developer for our newest product – Setapp. You will be mainly responsible for bringing in new vendors and closing deals.

Setapp is the first subscription service for Mac apps, and we are constantly adding new vendors to ensure the quality and maximum usefulness for both our users and vendors. You can find out more here.

Customer Support Specialist (remote, night shifts) ▸

We are looking for an active person whose personal philosophy is to help people and who is able to work night shifts. If you love assisting clients, and want to help everyone under the sun, we need you on our team. You'll be in charge of all the software and web improvements that are needed to make our customers happy, acting as a link between them and the developers.

Please note that this is a remote part-time position (18-24 hours a week workload).

Social Media & Community Manager ▸

We’re looking for a Social Media and Community Manager to join the team of Setapp to grow its community in social Media, engage and retain our customers and followers, and help convert them into active fans and promoters of our company. Expect lots of hard work, fun, creative development and analysis. If you know best practices and trends in social media marketing, enjoy being creative, and understand how to both build and convert a digital community, you are the person we are looking for!

In addition to your CV, please send us examples of your successful campaigns or cases you feel best demonstrate your abilities in SMM.

QA Engineer (C#) ▸

We are looking for a multi-talented QA Engineer to join the team of CleanMyPC. It's a Windows app which scans the whole PC to clean up junk files, speed it up, and boost its performance.

You'll join a cross-functional team of 3 people as the only QA Engineer, so we will expect you to make independent decisions and fully own the Quality Assurance process. Our automation tests up to date are written in C#, we use Page Object pattern and TestStack White framework. 

Affiliate Manager ▸

We are looking for result-oriented Affiliate Manager to join our WebMarketing team. You will search for potential affiliates, reach out to them, manage their onboarding to our Affiliate Program, compliance, analyze performance trends and implement ideas for traffic optimization. 

This is a challenging role which will let you gain global understanding of marketing, data analysis, as well as developing and maintaining long-term partnerships.

QA Engineer (JS/Python) ▸

We are looking for a QA Engineer to join our WebMarketing team. You will be working on MacPaw websites and internal services (analytics system, mailing system). As the only QA in the website team, you'll have various tasks – from creating documentation to manual testing and to creating automation framework from scratch. 

The right person for this position is proactive, highly responsible and thinks of quality even at the initial stage of planning new features. Sounds like you? Make sure to contact us!

Flexible Work Hours

Different people have different peak hours for work. We appreciate people who know when they work best to achieve the highest efficiency in what they do.

Desired Freedom

We respect your methods of work and avoid strict management. Instead we provide you with everything you may need to get your job done and leave you to it.

Convenient Location

We're based in Kyiv, the greenest city of Ukraine and the whole world! The office is situated in the centre of the city and is close to the metro.