Get CleanMyMac X from your favorite store: The Mac App Store

Twelve years after its original release, CleanMyMac X has finally come to the Mac App Store. This is a huge milestone for MacPaw (as if our times weren’t revolutionary enough already). Let us explain briefly why this is so special to us.

Previously, CleanMyMac was available solely through the MacPaw site or a Setapp subscription. Now, with the arrival to the App Store, there’s one less barrier between us and Mac users. For the first time since 2008, we can share our product with millions of fans, hear their feedback, and clean more MacBooks on this planet, which we believe, is a worthwhile mission. 

CleanMyMac has traveled a long mile since 2008. Back then, it could only clean your Mac. Now it is able to deal with malware and fix a ton of other everyday issues. With each rendition, we learned more from Mac users and noticed how they use their computers. And now here we are, at the Central Square of the Mac world, the App Store. And we’ll be celebrating — after the quarantine is over, of course.

Check out CleanMyMac X on the App Store.

Why didn’t it happen earlier?

The short answer is business models. When software developers decide to market their apps independently, their main argument is freedom. The software available on the Mac App Store is subject to many constraints (technical and legal), which doesn’t always work well with the model of a fast-growing startup. 

In 2018, CleanMyMac X switched to a subscription model — a ubiquitous way of getting apps on the Mac App Store. The same year (2018), Apple significantly improved the store itself with a new design and curated content. The fact that the Mac App Store became much better and that it supported subscriptions, made us work on building CleanMyMac X for the Mac App Store. 

So now, more than ever, our users have the flexibility to choose between pricing options. And starting today, they can pick CleanMyMac X from whichever shelf they prefer:

The Mac App Store — Yearly Access
Setapp Store
— Monthly Subscription, Yearly Subscription
The MacPaw Store
— Yearly Subscription, One-time purchase

Please note that it’s impossible to switch between these versions at the moment.

The App Store version is slightly different

With a couple of minor exceptions, it’s the same CleanMyMac X Mac users have loved all along. Still, Apple’s guidelines impose certain restrictions on Mac App Store apps. We had to tweak a few features, and in some cases, limit their functionality to comply with the rules. For example, you will not find Shredder in the Mac App Store version. At the same time, such features are still fully available with the MacPaw Store and Setapp versions of the product.

Read more about the differences between CleanMyMac X versions.

And finally that big button you can happily click on:

Still can’t believe we’ve waited 12 years for this button to materialize 😃