Choose your marketplace: App Store, MacPaw Store, or Setapp

CleanMyMac X is available on the MacPaw Store, the App Store, and Setapp. These platforms differ in pricing, billing, permitted features of CleanMyMac X, and other aspects. Let's discuss all the differences so that you could pick up a marketplace that is right for you.

Pricing, upgrades, and other purchase options

CleanMyMac X prices depend on different factors, like the number of covered devices, upgrade possibilities, and country-specific taxes. That’s why you should check current pricing plans right at the particular store.

As for purchase options, have a look at this table:

MacPaw Store

App Store


Pricing and purchase information

CleanMyMac X on the MacPaw Store

CleanMyMac X on the App Store

Setapp pricing

Monthly subscription


Annual subscription




One-time purchase



Free trial

Free 7-day trial with no limitations in functionality

Free 7-day trial with no limitations in functionality

Free 7-day trial with no limitations in functionality

Free upgrade to major versions

Only for subscribers*



Number of devices

  • 1 Mac (by default)
  • Plans for 2 and 5 Mac computers are available

Your Apple ID devices

  • 1 Mac (by default)
  • Extra devices available
  • Family and Team plans are available

For businesses

CleanMyMac X Business plan — use CleanMyMac X on up to 100 computers in your organization and manage activation, billing, and membership via your MacPaw Account

CleanMyMac X Business — purchase multiple CleanMyMac X licenses and deploy the app remotely via Apple Business Manager

Setapp for Teams — start a Setapp team for your organization and share access to the Setapp suite with its members via your Setapp account or preferred Mobile Device Management tool

Other advantages

  • Homelike UI of the store
  • No need to add payment details

Unlimited access to 200+ Mac apps**

* One-time purchase includes all updates and improvements, except for the major version upgrades. For example, a one-time purchase license of CleanMyMac 3 hasn’t implied upgrade to the latest CleanMyMac X. Any subscription plan gives you all future upgrades.

Learn more about the difference between a subscription and a one-time purchase plan.

** No matter how many applications you use (CleanMyMac X only or more than 200 apps), you pay a single subscription fee. All apps are fully-functional, restriction- and ad-free. Upgrades are included too.

App Store version of CleanMyMac X

The App Store version of CleanMyMac X slightly differs from CleanMyMac X on the MacPaw Store and Setapp. To learn what's different and why, see Missing features in the App Store version of CleanMyMac X.

The App Store version of CleanMyMac X still includes an impressive bunch of cleanup and optimization tools. But if you want nothing less than an “uncensored” CleanMyMac X, follow millions of Mac users worldwide ⁠and choose either the MacPaw Store or Setapp.

Please compare existing purchase offers of CleanMyMac X carefully and choose your favorite. If you need any assistance, contact our Support Team — we're always ready to help 💙💛

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