MacPaw acquires the Unarchiver, the robust file-extraction utility

MacPaw, the makers of Setapp and developers of a number of top-notch macOS apps, announces that the company purchases The Unarchiver family of apps. The app was labelled as the essential file-extraction utility for Mac users. With the top ranks on the Mac App Store, it boasts millions of users all over the world.

Oleksandr Kosovan, the CEO and the Founder of MacPaw: “We’re happy to welcome one of the most popular Mac utilities to the family of MacPaw products. It’s a big honor for us to keep the product alive for the users.”

Dag Ågren, the developer behind the Unarchiver: ”It has been well over ten years now since I created these programs. They were originally created to fill a gap I felt existed after upgrading to a Mac, and I never expected them to be that popular. Who would ever be very excited about an unarchiver? But I massively underestimated the need other people had for programs like these too. Seeing people use them in such numbers has been a very happy experience for me.

But even so, ten years is a very long time to work on the same project, and due to other factors in my life, I've had less and less time to actually work on them. I have felt bad about not maintaining and updating them properly. Therefore, I felt it is time to hand the flag over to someone else who can take care of them properly, and make sure they stay around for a long time still. I am sure MacPaw can do a good job of it!"

MacPaw will support the Unarchiver, keep it up-to-date, localize into popular languages, and make design improvements. As before, the Unarchiver will be free for all Mac users.

All the apps and app-related assets will be transferred to MacPaw’s developer account. The terms of the deal are not disclosed.

About Unarchiver

The Unarchiver is an archive extraction program for macOS. The Unarchiver is designed to handle many more formats than the native macOS Archive Utility, and to better fit in with Finder design. It can also handle file names in foreign character sets, created with non-English versions of other operating systems.

About MacPaw

MacPaw is a software development company. Apart from its top macOS products CleanMyMac and Gemini, MacPaw has launched the first subscription-based app service — Setapp. Headquartered in Kyiv, Ukraine, MacPaw has built a reputation as the developer of top-notch macOS apps among 5+ million users all over the world.

Press Contact

Julia Petryk | julia@macpaw.com

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