CleanMyMac X is no longer available for users in Russian Federation and Belarus

Since March 4, 2022, CleanMyMac X and other MacPaw products are no longer available for purchase or download for users in the Russian Federation and Belarus.

We have also canceled subscriptions and licenses for these aggressor states. The cancelation means users can still utilize CleanMyMac X to the extent they have paid for it but won’t be able to extend, renew, upgrade, or purchase licenses or subscriptions.

MacPaw no longer accepts any subscription and license payments from Russian and Belarusian bank accounts. We’re also transferring all funds collected from these markets to support the Ukrainian army.

With these limitations, we protest against the brutal, unlawful, and unjustified invasion of Russia and its satellite state, Belarus, into Ukraine—the Home of MacPaw and the Motherland to us, the Macpawians. You can read more about our position here.

Canceled subscriptions remain active but can't be extended or renewed

The CleanMyMac team has canceled subscriptions for Russian and Belarus users on March 4, 2022.

The cancelation doesn’t mean CleanMyMac X stops working immediately, and users lose their payments. All our subscribers, including people from Russia and Belarus, can enjoy the full functionality of CleanMyMac X till the end of a period paid for. For example, a yearly subscription purchased on May 1, 2021, works till May 1, 2022.

But when a subscription ends, CleanMyMac X shifts to the non-activated mode for users in Russia and Belarus. This mode limits CleanMyMac's functionality and doesn't allow to extend subscriptions or buy new ones.

Permanent licenses stay valid but can't be upgraded

Permanent licenses (issued for a single major version of CleanMyMac X) also remain fully functional for all users. However, people from Russia and Belarus won’t be able to purchase extra seats or upgrade licenses for new CleanMyMac versions and features.

Renew subscriptions and licenses after moving out of Russia and Belarus

If you relocate to another country from the Russian Federation or Belarus, we would be glad if you decide to continue using CleanMyMac X. To do so, buy a new subscription or license from the MacPaw Store using a bank account that is not in Russia or Belarus.

If you have questions about the remainder of your subscription or about changing your payment details, feel free to contact us via [email protected]—we’d love to help. Our customer service specialists are always in touch to resolve any issues for people who oppose Putin’s regime.

We have no limitations for users from other countries

Please let us know if you experience any issues while resubscribing or buying a new subscription.

Journalists who cover the Russian and Belarus invasion into Ukraine can get a free year of CleanMyMac X.

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