Real-Time Malware Monitor

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The real-time malware monitor checks newly installed software and notifies you if it acts weirdly or has dangerous components. You can find the monitor in the Protection instrument of CleanMyMac X Menu.

Malware attack

Normally, the Protection instrument just informs that the monitor is on, but it can also suggest updating the database or running a full scan, and if there’s a threat, you get an alert:

Plus, you get a notification from CleanMyMac that prompts you to check and neutralize the issue. In this case, click Review to open CleanMyMac X and deal with the threat.

Background scanning

Since the monitor focuses on only the apps you install, CleanMyMac also runs background malware scans periodically. It checks the entire system for various hidden threats and notifies you if anything is found. Even if you disable the monitor or CleanMyMac Menu, it’ll still be running.

Keep the background scanning enabled to establish the highest protection level.

Disabling the monitor and the background scan

The real-time monitor ensures the safety of new installations while using only a tiny bit of the system resources. However, you can turn it off in CleanMyMac X Preferences whenever you want:

  1. Open the CleanMyMac X menu, then click the gear icon in the lower-right corner, and choose Preferences.
    Alternatively, open CleanMyMac X and choose CleanMyMac X > Preferences (this menu is in the upper-left corner of your screen).

  2. Switch to the Protection tab and deselect the “Enable Malware monitor” checkbox.

    If you want to disable the background scans, you’ll also need to visit the Protection tab of CleanMyMac Preferences and deselect the checkbox next to the “Background scan.”

    Note: Even if you use the real-time monitor, you shouldn’t neglect full malware scans. Start it right from the Menu by clicking Run Full Scan in the Protection instrument.

    Keep your Mac safe and contact our Customer Care Team if you need some help with the malware monitor.

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