Missing features in the App Store version of CleanMyMac X

If you notice that your CleanMyMac X lacks some features promoted on our website, that's most likely because you got the app from the App Store. Apple has strict application review guidelines and doesn't allow some of the CleanMyMac X features. For that reason, we revised and limited several CleanMyMac X modules in its App Store version.

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Why does the App Store restrict CleanMyMac features?

The fact that some CleanMyMac X features aren't available on the App Store doesn't mean they're harmful or illegal. The App Store tries to protect your Mac from malicious software by limiting some privileges for all installed applications. But this approach also imposes unnecessary restrictions on safe activities, like cleaning system logs or even updating applications. Such limitations are why CleanMyMac X cannot have some features in its App Store version.

Note: CleanMyMac X from the MacPaw Store and Setapp has all its native features and yet remains absolutely reliable and secure for your computer. Read our explanation in Is CleanMyMac X safe?

Modules of CleanMyMac X that aren't available from the App Store

You won't find the following modules of CleanMyMac X in its App Store version since their functionality is not allowed on this marketplace:

Modules of CleanMyMac X revised in the App Store version

We have changed several modules of CleanMyMac X so that it's admitted to the App Store. Below are the differences the App Store version has compared to CleanMyMac X editions on the MacPaw Store and Setapp.

Smart Scan

Initially, CleanMyMac's Smart Scan included Cleanup, Protection, and Speed scanners. However, in the App Store version, Speed is replaced with the Large & Old Files scanner, which is a good opportunity to tidy up your files.

System Junk

The following cleanup categories aren't available from the App Store:

  • Xcode Simulators
  • System Log Files
  • System Cache Files
  • Language Files
  • Deleted Users
  • Universal Binaries
  • iOS Device Backups
  • Broken Login Items

Trash Bins

The following cleanup categories aren't available from the App Store:

  • Photos Library
  • Photos Library Duplicates (cleanup of the album created by the Gemini 2 app)


The following privacy items aren't available from the App Store:

  • Wi-Fi Networks
  • Safari Cookies
  • Application Permissions


The following items were restricted in the App Store edition:

  • Heavy Consumers
  • Hung Applications
  • Launch Agents: the category is available in the App Store version, but enabling/disabling of launch agent is not allowed (you can review and uninstall agents)
  • Login Items: the category is available in the App Store version but for review purposes only.


Uninstaller can't remove binaries of the App Store applications, but you still can reset them. Plus, CleanMyMac won't offer you to remove Leftovers in this module. All other features function properly.

CleanMyMac X Menu

In the App Store version of CleanMyMac X, these Menu features are not available:

  • Information about some hardware parameters of your Mac:
    • Health and temperature of your hard drive
    • CPU temperature
  • The option to quit resource-consuming or unresponsive apps
  • Some info about your network connections:
    • Personal hotspot connections
    • Connection time for any wireless connections
  • Connected iOS and Bluetooth devices
  • Real-time malware monitor

Other Menu features are right where they have to be.

In general, these are all differences you may notice. The App Store version of CleanMyMac X has also lost its Updater and Agent components, but they belong to the hidden background processes.

If you purchased CleanMyMac X from the MacPaw Store or any third party and you still can't find some of the advertised features, please contact us.

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