Free and Premium

With the premium version of CleanMy®Phone you unlock the full potential of its features and capabilities:

  • Scan and spot clutter on your device.

  • Manage and remove found clutter conveniently arranged in categories.

  • Scan and find photos to organize your photo library.

  • Review and manage found photos in categories and groups.

  • Move important photos and videos to the Sensitive folder so that CleanMy®Phone skips them during scanning and doesn't show in the results.

  • Enhance your photos, create new albums and add photos there or to existing ones, mark your best shots as favorites, view photo metadata, and share images with others.

  • Test internet connection speed.

While the free version of CleanMy®Phone lets you enjoy all the features offered by the premium one, it limits your user experience only to the following categories – Screenshots in Declutter and Other in Organize. Nevertheless, you can still test your internet connection speed.

If you want to explore CleanMy®Phone thoroughly and see if it suits your needs before paying for the premium version, you can do this by signing up for a free trial.

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