Categories of clutter

CleanMy®Phone identifies and helps you spot the following categories of digital clutter on your device:

  • Blur – images that look fuzzy and unclear because of improper focus, such as unsuccessful shots of moving objects or quick out-of-focus snaps.

    Blurred images may appear hazy, lacking sharpness, with details that are hard to see.

    This category may also include photos you blurred intentionally for aesthetic reasons. You should review it carefully.

  • Duplicates – identical images, such as photos you accidentally saved to your device twice.

  • Screenshots – images captured directly from the screen of your device.

  • Screen Recordings – video recordings of screen activity on your device.

  • App folders – albums created by apps such as Instagram, Lightroom, Snapchat, TikTok, VSCO, and WhatsApp.

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