Gemini 2 Preferences and Settings

You can open Gemini 2’s preferences by opening up the Gemini 2 tab in menu bar’s top left corner and selecting preferences from the drop down list. In the preference menu, the first section that opens is the General preferences. In the general preferences section you can set a preference for the minimum file size that you would like to scan for. You can also select if you would like Gemini 2 to scan for similar files, show in app notifications or share anonymous data usage with MacPaw

The next preferences tab over, The Ignore List, allows you to select not only specific files you would like Gemini 2 to ignore but also folders and file extensions which you would not like it to scan.

The last section of the Preferences menu is the Removal Section. The removal selection allows you to choose where Gemini 2 puts the duplicates it finds. There are the options of putting duplicate files directly into the trash, into another folder or just immediately deleting them. You can also set a preference so that Gemini 2 will remove all the empty folders. 

The final preference setting in the removal section is the Replace files with hardlinks option. This makes gemini replace physical copies of your duplicates with hardlinks.

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