Global Keyboard Shortcuts

Hider 2 provides you with two really handy ‘invisible’ features, carried out via global keyboard shortcuts. These are:

1. Shortcut for hiding of all files, listed in Hider (Ctrl+Cmd+H).

Using this shortcut will hide all the currently visible items without even bringing up Hider 2 interface on your screen.

2. Shortcut for Hider Lock (Ctrl+Cmd+L).

This shortcut will lock Hider 2 so that all of its files become unavailable to anyone.

The interface of the application won’t be shown too.

You may edit Hider 2 shortcuts from the corresponding tab of Hider 2 Preferences:

Note that Hider 2 keyboard shortcuts will only work if the main application or Hider 2 menu bar Assistant are currently active.

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