Work at MacPaw feels like flying a rocket ship.

You should try it.

Create fantastic products

Your work will be seen by 20 million people around the globe. That’s a ballpark figure, our audience keeps growing.

Develop your own projects

Every second Friday spend a day on personal projects. Twice a year join a team for a 2-day hackathon.

Never stop evolving

Fully-funded yearly trips to a conference/educational event of your choice. English classes, workshops, guest experts.

Lead the community

Speak at local and international tech events, support ProductTank Kyiv, and spend summers making freshmen into pros during MacPaw Internship Program.

Give back with MacPaw Cares

Partake in one of our social projects to fix dire issues in Ukraine. Help recycle, support the elderly, volunteer, clean up the city, educate youth and so much more.

Live, not balance

Work from home, on a Berlin rooftop, or underwater in Bermuda, it’s your call. Positions are in-house yet with plenty of flexibility and a special meditation room for when it’s not Bermuda time yet.

Stay fit and healthy

A+ insurance coverage, paid sick leaves, and an office gym with our own fitness trainers. They’ll make you suffer and you’ll like it.

Adore your workplace

State-of-the-art futuristic office in downtown Kyiv, with smart house tech, hoverboards, and 2 anti-stress cats for a homely feel.

Open Positions

Keep an eye out for new postings, we’re growing fast and update often.