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CleanMyMac Classic
The safest and fastest system cleanup. Ever.
This all-in-one cleaning suite for your Mac includes everything you may ever need to keep your Mac clean and running fast.
Extremely easy to use cleaning tool for your Mac. Overall, it was an easy way to get rid of junk on my computer
Macworld, 29 November 2012

CleanMyMac's Main Window
Found Language Files
Built-in Extension Manager
User Cache Files

Clean Up Your Mac
Every Mac is full of files you don’t and probably will never use. These are caches and logs that have become outdated; leftovers of applications you have removed. Clean your Mac from useless data and free up gigabytes of space in one click. It’s as easy as pie!

Speed Up Your Mac
Unnecessary files on your Mac not only take place on your drive, but also consume resources of your Mac and make it run slower. By cleaning your Mac from these files with CleanMyMac you can improve the efficiency of your Mac, decrease the time it takes to launch and generally speed it up significantly.

Uninstall Your Mac Apps
Besides its cleaning purpose, CleanMyMac also includes the tools to properly uninstall applications and extensions. If you want to completely remove an unneeded app, just drag the app file to the CleanMyMac window and click Uninstall.

Main Features
Delete outdated caches to make your apps run smoothly and stably
Logs are useful only for developers and can be easily cleaned
Language Files
Remove localization files for languages you don’t know and don’t speak
Universal Binaries
Delete unnecessary files designed to work on other types of Macs
App Leftovers
Eliminate needless data that was left after previously trashed apps
System Junk
Clean out useless files that only burden your system and waste disk space
Clean Up Trashes
Empty all Trash folders on your internal and external storages
Uninstall Your Apps
Completely remove applications and its leftovers from your Mac
Manage Extensions
Find and remove useless and resource-consuming extensions
Erase Quickly
Erase unneeded files from your Mac so that nobody can restore them
Share Results
Share your cleaning results with your friends on Facebook or Twitter
Custom Themes
Choose from different CleanMyMac themes to make it look even better
CleanMyMac Classic speaks: English Deutsch Español Français Русский Italiano Polski Português do Brasil

Re-Think The Way You Clean Your Mac

Latest version: 1.11

02 Dec 2014

System requirements:

For OS X 10.4 to 10.8

All versions rating: 4.5 ★★★★★

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