Differences between a one-time purchase, a subscription, and a Setapp subscription

CleanMyMac X offers several pricing plans for both a one-time purchase and a subscription. Having more options is fantastic, but you may wonder, what should I choose — a one-time purchase, a subscription from the MacPaw Store or the App Store, or a Setapp subscription? The following are some main facts about each option to help you understand the differences and make the choice that would work best for you.

One-time purchase

With a one-time purchase, you pay once and receive a CleanMyMac X plan without an expiration date. With this plan, you can use CleanMyMac X as long as it’s compatible with your Mac or your macOS version. Available from the MacPaw Store, this option also gives you an opportunity to get other MacPaw products in the store at a 30% discount.

However, a one-time purchase includes only updates and fixes to your current major version of CleanMyMac. For example, a one-time purchase license of CleanMyMac 3 hasn’t implied an upgrade to the all-new CleanMyMac X. Should you wish to upgrade to a new major CleanMyMac version in the future, you’ll be able to do that at a special price.


Get a yearly CleanMyMac X subscription from either the MacPaw Store or the App Store. No matter which marketplace you choose, your subscription includes both updates to the current major CleanMyMac version and upgrades to future major versions. Additionally, if you opt for the MacPaw Store, you can enjoy 30% off all other MacPaw products.

Subscription renewal takes place automatically, but if you face any issues with it, see Manage subscription.

Setapp subscription

In addition to CleanMyMac X, a Setapp subscription gives you access to over 200 other cool apps from the Setapp collection. Both updates to the current major CleanMyMac version and upgrades to future major versions are free. Setapp is also the only marketplace where you can choose between a monthly and a yearly CleanMyMac X subscription.

All three options above include updates to the antimalware database.

Subscription pricing and the available app features slightly differ on the MacPaw Store, App Store, and Setapp. For more information about these differences, see Choose your marketplace.

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