What’s new in CleanMyMac 3

⚠️ Before you read this article, please note that since April 19, 2023, MacPaw no longer sells, updates, or develops CleanMyMac 3. You may still use CleanMyMac 3 if you have a license; all details are in this article.

We recommend upgrading CleanMyMac 3 to CleanMyMac X at a 50% discount; learn how to upgrade.

Smart Cleanup (improved)

Smart Cleanup is not new but it was improved substantially. It has learned to find junk among your MailiTunes, and Photos files. Also, the upgraded version of CleanMyMac scans your computer more thoroughly and carefully owing to an extended version of its intelligent Safety Database. The Database includes rules and exceptions that allow CleanMyMac to scan system, applications, and user folders safely and accurately. 

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System Junk (improved)

System Junk is not new either, but it has gained new valuable submodules, including:

  • Document Versions, which finds multiple copies of your documents that are created automatically, as you work on docs, or manually, when you save changes. This feature is extremely helpful for active users of Sketch, Pages, Keynote, and Numbers. 
  • Xcode Junk, which can clean up your system from intermediate build information and project index generated by Xcode. This CleanMyMac ability will come useful if you, as a developer, want to save gigabytes of disk space.
  • Old Updates, which finds old versions of some application updates. Removing this type of outdated files is absolutely not risky and may free a lot of space on your Mac.

Mail Attachments

The Mail Attachment module scans your Mail application for copies of downloads and attachments, which are stored on your Mac automatically when you view your messages. Removing these files won't harm their originals which remain available in your online Inbox.

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iTunes Junk

iTunes Junk is a new cleaning module that finds and easily removes outdated device backups, old software updates, broken downloads, and copies of iOS apps stored on your Mac.

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The Dashboard is a new CleanMyMac 3 feature that shows a current state of system resources and allows you to clean up RAM. It monitors activity processes, battery charge cycles, memory and disk space usage. Also, CleanMyMac notifies you if there are any Mac health issues. 

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Health Alerts

CleanMyMac 3 sends you important health notifications that pop up, based on S.M.A.R.T criteria. The S.M.A.R.T system is composed of a variety of hardware sensors, which helps to identify the health and state of your Mac. When your Mac’s hardware health is at risk, an appropriate health alert appears and offers you a guidance on how to resolve possible issues.  

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CleanMyMac Menu

CleanMyMac 3 Menu is a lightweight toolbar access point to CleanMyMac that displays performance of the Mac system, alerts you if there are any issues with your Mac’s health, and lets you perform useful CleanMyMac 3 operations without launching the app itself.

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Maintenance is a special module that includes various useful scripts and tasks that effectively optimize your Mac and resolve some widespread issues. In particular, Maintenance can help to repair disk permissions, verify a startup disk, rebuild Launch Services Database, reindex Spotlight and Mail database.   

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Privacy can securely remove traces of your online and offline activities, like browsing history, chats, recent items list, cookies and other items of the sort. Now, CleanMyMac removes your Mac’s digital footprint easily.

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In addition to new modules, we have also incorporated user suggestions to release a new and completely enhanced cleaning experience. 

You can upgrade to CleanMyMac 3 either directly from CleanMyMac 2 or from our website. If you have questions, concerns, or comments regarding upgrading, reach our customer support by clicking here

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