Using CleanMyMac 3 license on another Mac

⚠️ Before you read this article, please note that since April 19, 2023, MacPaw no longer sells, updates, or develops CleanMyMac 3. You may still use CleanMyMac 3 if you have a license; all details are in this article.

We recommend upgrading CleanMyMac 3 to CleanMyMac X at a 50% discount; learn how to upgrade.

If you want to use your CleanMyMac license on another Mac, you have two options.

Option 1. Get another CleanMyMac license at a discount.

The easiest way to keep all your Macs clean and maintained is to buy one more CleanMyMac 3 license. Conveniently, as our present customer, you already own a pleasant 30% discount on any purchase at MacPaw Store.

Actually, you can save even more if you have friends or relatives who are CleanMyMac lovers like you. Just buy a CleanMyMac 3 license for two or five Macs at a lower price, and share it. Note that your 30% discount is applied to this purchase too.

Option 2. Reset your CleanMyMac license. 

If you're not an owner of CleanMyMac multi-user license, you can only use it on one Mac at a time. Therefore, if you are moving from one computer to another while having a regular CleanMyMac 3 license, you need to deactivate the license:

  1. Open the activated version of CleanMyMac 3.
  2. Go to CleanMyMac 3 → Activation Info (at the top of the screen).
  3. Click the Deactivate License button in the Activation Info dialog that appears.
  4. To confirm your decision, click Disable License.

When the license is deactivated, open CleanMyMac 3 on your new Mac and go through a regular activation procedure

If you cannot cancel the current CleanMyMac 3 activation for some reason, please visit our License Retrieval page. If you still have any questions or need some assistance, contact our Customer Support.

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