CleanMyMac 3 Preferences

CleanMyMac 3 provides multiple cleanup and maintenance configuration options that you can customize in its Preferences. Here you can speed up scanning process, choose files and folders that must be ignored by CleanMyMac, change privacy settings, enable maintenance notifications, and so on. 

Open CleanMyMac 3 Preferences

To get to CleanMyMac 3 Preferences, do the following:

  1. Open CleanMyMac 3.
  2. Click on the CleanMyMac 3 menu in the upper left corner of the display and choose Preferences. 
CleanMyMac 3 > Preferences


Preferences tabs


The first thing you see in CleanMyMac 3 Preferences window is the General tab, which allows you to:

  • Manage sounds, animations, and announcements in CleanMyMac 3: select or deselect an appropriate checkbox.
  • Reset all warning notifications received earlier from CleanMyMac 3: Click Reset All Warnings.
  • Configure the languages ignore list (languages that must not be removed from your system and applications).

CleanMyMac 3 Preferences: General tab

By default, CleanMyMac 3 adds to this ignore list all languages specified in the 'Preferred languages' list in the Language & Region macOS preferences:

Language & Region macOS preferences

If you would like to keep more languages on your Mac, do the following: 

  1. Open Language & Region preferences (e.g., type 'Language & Region' in Spotlight). 
  2. Add those languages you'd like to keep on your Mac to the 'Preferred languages' list.
  3. Restart CleanMyMac.
  4. Click Add (+) on the General tab of CleanMyMac Preferences. 
  5. In a dialog that appears, choose languages you want to add to CleanMyMac's ignore list. 

Smart Cleanup

When you initiate Smart Cleanup analysis, CleanMyMac 3 starts all its cleaning modules to find as much junk on your Mac as possible:

Smart Cleanup scanning

However, you can select by yourself which modules and even submodules you would like to run during the scanning. This feature is available on the Smart Cleanup tab and particularly useful if you want to skip some 'heavy' modules. 

  • Exclude a module or submodule from a scan list: Deselect the checkbox next to the module/submodule on the Smart Cleanup tab of CleanMyMac 3 Preferences. 


Note that if you deselect a submodule of System Junk or iTunes Junk, it won't be involved in a separate scanning process of the corresponding module too.For instance, if you deselect iOS Software Updates of the iTunes Junk module, CleanMyMac won't launch this submodule during both System Junk and Smart Cleanup analysis.

Yet, if you deselect the entire System Junk or iTunes Junk module, CleanMyMac won't use it during Smart Cleanup but you still will be able to start it as a separate module any moment.


The Scheduler allows you to choose periodicity of reminds about regular cleaning procedures on your Mac. Also, you can set CleanMyMac 3 to either start a full scan or simply launch the app by the click on the Scheduler notification.


CleanMyMac 3 Menu

On the CleanMyMac 3 Menu tab, you can configure CleanMyMac's menu bar assistant that is usually located in the upper right corner of your Mac. 

CleanMyMac 3 Menu monitors health and performance statuses of your Mac and informs you of critical changes. Also, it provides a set of useful tools that helps you free up some disk space and memory without even starting CleanMyMac. 

So, that's how you can change CleanMyMac 3 Menu:

  • Enable/disable CleanMyMac 3 Menu: Click on the switch to turn it on and off, respectively.
    Please note that CleanMyMac won't be able to send you important warnings and health alerts if you disable CleanMyMac 3 Menu (unless CleanMyMac 3 is launched). 
  • Set free disk space notifications: Choose an appropriate option from the list of minimum free space thresholds for the startup drive.
  • Change Trash bin limits: Choose the maximum allowed amount of files in the Trash folder.
  • Uninstall apps correctly: Select the appropriate checkbox to get reminders about complete app uninstallation when you drop it to the Trash.
  • Turn on App monitor: Select the appropriate checkbox to get help when some application stops responding.
  • Reset Health and Monitoring: Click Reset All Warnings to clean up the history of warning and status notifications received via CleanMyMac 3 Menu.

CleanMyMac 3 Menu tab



On the Updates tab, you can configure CleanMyMac's update process:

  • Get a notification when a new update arrives: Select the 'Check for updates automatically' checkbox.
  • Download and install updates automatically: Keep the 'Download updates in the background' selected.
  • Enable updates of the Safety Database: This option allows you to get recent updates of the Database, which ensures that all apps are treated carefully and none of vital files is removed from your Mac. Probably, you would like to keep this checkbox selected.
  • Become CleanMyMac's beta-tester: If you want to become one of the first to try our new experimental (and, therefore, sometimes not really stable) features, selected 'Update to Beta versions'. We’ll gladly send you this type of updates but please think twice before selecting this option.


The sixth tab on the list is Privacy. Here you can disable anonymous sharing of technical data with us. Anyway, we ask you to keep this feature enabled because it helps improve CleanMyMac. No worries, we don’t get any personal information.

On this tab, you can also disable extended logging of removed items, but we recommend leaving it enabled. This feature is used to keep a track of all items removed with CleanMyMac 3 (except those erased securely), which can be useful in emergency cases.

Ignore List

The last tab under preferences, the Ignore List, will allow you to select applications or files which you would like CleanMyMac 3 to ignore. CleanMyMac 3 will not scan or clean any of the selected item in this menu.

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