The new iPad in 2019: What's new, and how much does it cost?

If you’re looking to upgrade an old iPad or are exploring the possibility of replacing an older computer with a tablet, look no further than the entry-level iPad (7th generation). 

At a starting price of $329, it’s hard to find another tablet that comes remotely close to doing what this model can do. And with some impressive new upgrades, the standard tablet is even better than it was before. In this article, we’ll get into some of the more prominent updates, as well as some of the options you can get built-in.

What’s the newest iPad in 2019? 

The latest iPad, the Apple iPad (7th generation), was announced and released in the last half of 2019. It comes in three color options: silver, gold, and space gray. It also comes with some surprisingly small storage capacities, with only 32 GB and 128 GB. That being said, the new iPads also come with iPadOS installed, which finally supports USB storage devices. That means you can use an external hard drive or flash drive for additional storage.

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What’s new in the 2019 Apple iPad?

iPad has always been a great device to potentially replace your computer, and this most recent model takes it a step further. With some of these new updates, the iPad (7th generation) feels a lot more like its thinner and pro-level counterparts, while delivering excellent performance at an impressive price point. Here’s what sets it apart from earlier models.


The 7th-generation iPad is the first model to come with iPadOS already installed, meaning it’s the first iPad to have its own operating system instead of sharing one with its iPhone counterparts. 

And because iPadOS is designed specifically for larger-screen devices, it takes full advantage of that extra screen real estate with features like Slide Over, Split View, and a completely redesigned home screen. iPadOS will finally allow you to have multiple windows open within the same app, just like on your computer.

Bigger screen

Previous iPad models had 9.7-inch screens, while this model has been upgraded to a 10.2-inch display. This may not feel like a huge difference, but now that iPad is running more apps — and running them simultaneously — every little bit helps. 

Not to mention, if you ever want to use your iPad as a second display thanks to the new macOS feature, Sidecar, the new screen size allows you to do so more effectively.

Smart Keyboard

Like its Air and Pro counterparts, iPad (7th generation) now comes with a Smart Keyboard connection, bridging the gap between computers and tablets just a little bit more. The downside here is that the keyboard is an additional accessory to buy, but having a great keyboard working with your iPad is a real game-changer. 

Better battery life

Another massive plus for the new iPad is its upgraded battery life. Under the same conditions tested on laptops, it was able to last over 10 hours, which is pretty impressive. This means you’ll be able to get through an entire workday without having to charge your iPad. 

New iPad: The price options

This is where we have some good news and some bad news. Starting at $329, this new iPad is a fantastic tablet, and you won’t find a comparable tablet in that price range. But, that being said, the $329 price tag does come with a surprisingly limited 32 GB of storage. So let’s take a step back and look at the price options. Two factors dictate the price: the storage capacity and whether it is Wi-Fi only or LTE-enabled.

  • 32 GB/Wi-Fi: $329
  • 128 GB/Wi-Fi: $429
  • 32 GB/LTE: $459
  • 128 GB/LTE: $559

When should I buy the new iPad?

Apple has historically taken a little longer between iPad refreshes than it has with some of its other devices. While 1 year is the typical upgrade cycle, with iPad, it’s generally closer to 18 months. The latest iPad came out in September of 2019, so the best time to buy it would be anytime before the summer of 2020 to get the most use out of it before a new model comes out.

Apple has been working to blur the lines between computers and tablets for a while now, and this new model of iPad does just that. While its built-in storage capacity is somewhat disappointing, there’s still plenty to love about this iPad. And if you’re in the market for a new iPad anyway, this model will be a no-brainer for you.

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