5 good reasons to get a PC cleaning software

You may have read about PC cleaners or even seen them recommended on websites and in magazines. And you’ve probably asked yourself: do I really need a PC cleaner? The short answer is ‘yes.’ You don't think you need a washing machine or vacuum cleaner because you don't want to waste your time doing laundry by hand and cleaning the floors with a broom. In the same way, PC cleaning software makes life much easier and chores much less of a, well, chore, PC cleaners make the process of removing system junk faster and easier. Most cleaners scan your PC and tell you how much space they can reclaim and which files you can safely delete. Some utilities, like CleanMyPC, do not only clean your computer from junk but also provide you with system maintenance tools to boost your PC's performance.

Here are the top five reasons you need a PC cleaner.

1. Freeing up space and keeping your computer organized

There was a time when your average PC came with more disk space than most people ever needed. 1TB hard drives were common. However, as SSDs began to replace hard disks and capacities dropped again, storage space became more precious and more expensive. Many PC users have attempted to install the latest Windows update or a new game or application to discover they don’t have enough storage space. A PC cleaning app can help in this case. You can, of course, use Window’s 10’s Disk Clean Up tool to reclaim space. PC cleaning programs, however, allow you to tackle lots of different storage-clearing tasks in one place. Whether it’s uninstalling apps, getting rid of junk files, or removing browser extensions you don’t need anymore, PC cleaning apps like CleanMyPC make it very easy.

2. Keeping your system stable

Windows’ registry database stores configuration settings for the system and your applications. As you use your PC and these entries get older, some become corrupt or outdated or just aren’t needed anymore. To reduce the chances of this becoming a problem due to corrupt entries, PC cleaners like CleanMyPC allow you to clean up the registry database. As with the other tools in CleanMyPC, the registry cleaner allows you to scan your computer and press one button to clean out the database. However, it also allows you to review the scan results and decide for yourself which entries you want to remove and which you want to keep.

3. Speeding up your PC

As you use your PC, it accumulates files that take up space and can slow it down. These files include temporary files that were supposed to have been deleted but were missed, application and system cache files, logs, and browser caches. You could remove all of these manually, but that would take a great deal of time. A good PC cleaner will scan your PC for files that are not needed, then allow you to review the results and either clean everything or decide what you want to get rid of and what you want to keep, potentially saving tens of gigabytes of disk space. With the help of a computer cleaner or system maintenance tool, you can also manage your autorun programs that launch automatically when you start up your PC. Excluding programs from the startup list will make your computer's boot faster.

4. Effective program uninstallation

This is another task you can accomplish manually, using the uninstallers that come with each app. However, to uninstall multiple apps, you’d have to locate each one individually and run the uninstaller. What's more, Windows default uninstaller doesn't allow you to remove Windows Store apps. That's when PC cleaner comes in handy. For example, CleanMyPC allows you to select multiple apps (of ANY kind) to be uninstalled from one user interface. The utility removes the applications and all the files associated with them. It’s much simpler and quicker than the manual method, and it helps you avoid extra junk files on your disk.

5. Privacy protection

Dragging a file to the recycle bin doesn’t delete it. Even when the bin is emptied, the file is still there on your drive. It doesn’t get deleted until it’s overwritten, and even then, fragments remain. A good PC cleaning app allows you to delete files by overwriting them multiple times securely. Again, it makes life easier by allowing you to select multiple files for secure deletion, and it takes care of the rest.

CleanMyPC has a dedicated tool for shredding files by writing over them several times. It can also keep your private data safe by removing browser files that allow sites to track you around the web. This data includes cache files, browsing history, cookies, and authorization credentials such as usernames for online accounts. Of course, some of this data can be useful, like history, so you may want to keep it while deleting cache data. CleanMyPC makes it very easy to do that, just by checking or unchecking a box.

And there you have it, five excellent reasons why you should have a PC cleaning tool. Think of it as a domestic appliance — you could do most of what it does manually, but it’s much quicker and easier to use a cleaning tool. Of course, we recommend CleanMyPC. It’s free to download and try, and you can give most of its tools a run out without paying for a full license.


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