Uninstaller tool in CleanMyPC: Remove apps properly

Quite a common situation: you want to remove some apps because they are unnecessary, unusable, or outdated. What happens then? You decide to get rid of the clutter and probably use the default Windows uninstaller to remove these apps. But did you know that most default uninstallers don’t delete the entire program, leaving behind numerous useless files or registry items? These files pile up on your PC and eat away precious disk space.

Anyway, you'll be glad to find out that there is a reliable and truly effective tool that can remove an application safely along with all related items. It is the Uninstaller module of the CleanMyPC application.

Uninstall apps completely and safely

CleanMyPC is a multi-functional application that helps you keep your computer neat and, among other features, has a sophisticated tool for uninstalling applications. Recently and substantially updated, the Uninstaller module became much more accurate and faster. It looks through all corners of your PC and thoroughly scans Windows Registry to erase all unneeded program files, leaving no leftovers.

A new built-in Safety Database provides Uninstaller with a set of rules and exceptions that enables smooth removal of all unwanted programs. We update it regularly to ensure that all important user and system items are kept safe while useless app files are removed from your PC. 

How to use Uninstaller

To start the Uninstaller magic, launch CleanMyPC first

Now, then you opened CleanMyPC, go to the Uninstaller tab. It shows all programs that take up space on your computer:

Uninstaller module

To uninstall a program you no longer need, do these:

  1. Choose an app you'd like to remove.
  2. Click Uninstall. And, then click Uninstall again to confirm your choice and start Step 1 of the removal process.
    Step 1 implies running the original uninstaller of the application which removes its basic parts and file structure. After completion of Step 1, CleanMyPC starts Step 2 of the removal process. It scans for whatever is left by the app and shows you a list of items available for cleanup. 
  3. Click Clean to remove all leftovers found by CleanMyPC. 

Note that Uninstaller doesn’t offer for removal any user files stored in your personal folders, such as Documents or Downloads.

That’s it! The application is gone from your computer leaving no traces.

When you should consider using Uninstaller

There are several cases when Uninstaller is vital:

  • Your computer is not as fast as it used to be.
  • You need to free up disk space for new apps.
  • You don’t want to clutter your PC with leftovers.
  • You want to uninstall programs correctly.

With CleanMyPC, you can easily wipe out all program files, even those that are usually overlooked. It is a safe and effective way to uninstall unnecessary apps from your computer because no leftovers remain after Uninstaller does its job. That’s why the improved Uninstaller with the Safety Database is a real lifesaver!

Try CleanMyPC right now and get rid of unnecessary programs in several clicks


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